Welcome to JapanDyno,
We are a small business just under 10 people, specialized in Japanese performance parts and we are located in Hakuba Nagano-Ken Japan since 1995.
Your business is important to me. JDM performance parts is what I do for a living.
I want you to be 100% satisfied and to come back for more.
Let us exceed your expectations!





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You can sign up right now, or you can start shopping straight away and set your account up when you check out, whichever suits you best.

*The items in the shop are listed in Japanese Yen, what is that in my currency??

go to the left hand side and you will see the title CURRENCIES simply choose which currnecy suits you and the shop will then be listed in your chosen currency

* How much is shipping?

We offer 3 types of shipping methods; EXPRESS, STANDARD AIR & SEA ECONOMY MAIL
We ship worldwide using EMS JAPAN POST. Every item has a different shipping cost, we dont have a standard amount as many of our products vary in size and weight. To see the shipping costs before you make your purchase you can simply add items to your cart and click on checkout and the shipping costs will appear.


EXPRESS SHIPPING 3-5 days (fastest form of shipping)
STANDARD AIR 5-12 days (standard air shipping)
SEA ECONOMY MAIL 4-8 weeks (slowest of them all but the cheapest, best for patient customers!!!)

*How soon do you ship out?

We ship out everyday except Sundays. Once we receive your payment, we ship out within 24 hours.
* Can i track my order?
Yes, when you next log in your tracking number will be provided once the transaction is completed.

* What is "make an offer"

Make an offer allows you to send an offer to us, we will review it and either accept or decline the offer. When you make an offer though, the item is still up for sale, the only way to guarantee its yours is by buying it, adding to your cart and completing payment.

* Are the photos of the actual item I will receive?

Yes, every item you see in the pictures is the one you will recieve
.*Can you give me more info on a product?
Yes, please send an email to us and we will answer most emails within 24 hours. Please feel free to ask us any question about any item you need in order to understand it better!

*Can you send me an over sized or heavier item such as engine, bumper etc.?

We offer container shipping to most parts of the world. Your items will arrive at a port in your country. When the order leaves Japan, you will receive the loading papers and invoice. The loading papers will contain the name of an agent at your local port who will handle your shipment. There are extra charges involved which are made to the agent (import duties, taxes, port fees etc). Each country however has different rules and regulations on container shipments. Before you buy we always recommend you call your local customs office and ask them what extra fees or taxes will be charged and what extra paper work (if any) is required.

It is not the cheapest way of shipping but you can add more items in the order at no extra shipping costs.
For eg a Bumper or a bonnet. parts or engines from the shop or parts on request..
please ask your friends, club or forum members if they like to join your order and share the shipping and impot tax with you
because for approximatly 240gbp we can send up to 1000kg and max 1 cubic meter volume .. if your order is bigger than 1cmb, each 0,1cmb is +10gbp very cheap..
Prices are depending on the country and port.
we pack as space saving as possible to save you money =)

Most container shipments we have packed contain these items:
- Half / Front cuts
(full car cut in half all parts included)
- Engines
- Gearboxes
- Body kits
- Exhaust systems
- Wheels & tyres
- Carbon or original Bonnets
- Body parts
- Coilovers

* Can you find me a certain product / an item that is not currently stocked in your shop ?

Are you searching for something and you cant find it ???
Please contact us and let us know about your "Part request" maybe we can help
we will do our best to find what you are after...
In the past years we helped alot of people find the rare parts they wanted...
or if you saw something on a japanese site and you want it let me know
we can help you buy items from:

- Japanese online Shops and Blogs
- Performance garages or Companies like Kazama, Blitz, Veilside etc
- Junkyards around Japan
- Buying and bidding on Japanese Auction web sites like Yahoo Auctions etc..

* How can i pay for the item i purchase????

We accept Paypal and bank transfer. For bank transfer you will have to go into your local bank and make the payment there.

*I have received a faulty item, what do i do?

We will aim to resolve any issue with a faulty item as quickly as possible but we need you to tell us as soon as you discover the fault so we can resolve the issue for you.

Please include as many details as possible about the order and the problem with the goods and we will get an alternative sorted out for you.

The most important thing that we do is delivering what you ordered and paid for. If something ever goes wrong, which occasionally it does, then fixing the problem becomes the most important thing we do!