You want to buy an item but you are short of cash at the moment?
Here is the solution, JapanDyno is offerring a Lay-by / Lay-away service
All that we require is a 10% deposit to reserve the item for you.

Here is how it works step by step:

1) Choose your item

2) Copy the link

3) send us 10% of the Price to pay pal, Pay pal subject should be **Deposit**,
(Pay-pal [EMAIL=”][/EMAIL])

4) We will hold the item for you .. (If its still available, if the item is sold already, we will refund the money ASAP..)

5) Once the full remainder payment has been received, item is shipped out.

For example-

Mr.X wins an item at $200. He pay us $20 deposit (10% of $200) and so we hold the item for max 1 year.
Mr.X can pay when ever and how much money he can, no pressure to pay off the item, we will send the item out when Mr.X paid item and shipping!

No extra charges. No hidden fees. No Lay-By fees.
please be carefull what you buy no refund or changing mind about an items
only catch must be paid off in 1 year/12months maximum, otherwise payments will be gone

Please contact us for further questions or any suggestions to make things better =)

Happy winning